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Biomax Antimicrobial Wall Cladding Range

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Antimicrobial Cladding by the UKs Leading Hygienic Wall Cladding Company

BIOMAX – our most protective, bacteria-resistant hygienic wall cladding sheet, is certified to reduce Sars-Cov-2 by 61.98 % after 4 hours and 87.98 % after 24 hours

Designed specifically to help inhibit the growth of and help prevent cross-contamination from unwanted and harmful microbes in vulnerable areas, BIOMAX incorporates Silver Ion technology which is added at the manufacturing stage ensuring full coverage inside and out.

Biomax contains Biomaster silver ion technology which has now been proven to inhibit the growth of most common types of harmful pathogens on surfaces for the lifetime of the product. 

Famed for it’s antimicrobial properties, Silver Ions naturally inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Recently inspected and certified by an independent laboratory, tests shows our BIOMAX hygienic antimicrobial cladding reduced Klebsiella Pneumonia by 87.38 % and MRSA by 99.98 %.

Available next working day, Saniclad’s BIOMAX comes with 20 year defect warranty and offers maximum protection at some of the industries lowest prices.

Biomax is not a substitute for regular cleaning protocols.

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Antimicrobial Cladding

Acknowledging traditional profile trims as being potentially weak areas for harbouring bacteria, Saniclad’s BIOMAX is supported by a full range of specific, antibacterial profile trims ensuring maximum hygienic coverage for ultra sensitive environments such as operating theatres, nursing homes, veterinary practices, nurseries and commercial kitchens.


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Weight 10 kg

2.44m x 1220m (8ft x 4ft), 3.05m x 1220m (10ft x 4ft)


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