Antimicrobial Pastel Cladding sheets by the UK’s Leading Hygienic Wall Cladding Company

BIOMAX – our most protective, bacteria-resistant hygienic wall cladding sheet is now available in a range of stunning pastel colours – Blue, Green, Grey and Cream.

Designed specifically to help combat the spread of disease and infection in vulnerable areas, BIOMAX incorporates Silver Ion technology which is added at the manufacturing stage ensuring full coverage inside and out and provide antimicrobial protection for the life of the sheet.

Biomax contains Biomaster, a silver ion additive which has now been proven to kill 68% of coronavirus causing pathogen in 15mins and 99% in 4 hrs.  This is our most protective sheet ever.

Famed for it’s antimicrobial properties, Silver Ions naturally prevent the spread of disease and directly kill harmful pathogens and bacteria.  Now this protection is available in attractive pastel colours to brighten any space

Recently inspected and certified by an independent laboratory, tests shows our BIOMAX hygienic antimicrobial cladding reduced Klebsiella Pneumonia by 87.38 % and MRSA by 99.98 % making this an ideal, long term protective solution for healthcare environments.

Available next working day, Saniclad’s BIOMAX comes with 20 year defect warranty and offers maximum protection at some of the industries lowest prices.